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You might choose to work in a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center or other extended-care facility. You might work with a community health agency, a federal nursing agency, in industry and business, at a school, or in the military. Additionally, work can include, but is not limited to:

1. Pursuing independent nursing careers, such as legal nurse consultants, medical writers, nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists

2. Joining medical, nursing and forensic research teams

3. Providing nursing-on-call for home patients (home health agencies)

4. Serving international organizations, such as the United Nations or the Red Cross

5. Teaching aspiring nurses

6. Working at community health clinics

7. Working in specialized health care units and long-term care facilities such as hospice nursing, standalone nursing homes and patient rehabilitation

8. Working on boards to assist in developing hospital regulations

9. Working with health care, insurance and medical businesses

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