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Campus Life

With a campus life that is as enriching as it is exciting, education extends beyond the academic at Institutions. The diverse activities on campus provide a platform for the meeting and mutual development of young men and women as adults. Every activity is part of a moral and intellectual learning process that is stimulating and vibrant.

A spirit of healthy rivalry marks every event at the various cultural and Departmental competitions. In addition to showcasing their talent and skills, these activities encourage students to develop their organizational and managerial skills.

Every Programmes, Club activities, and seminars sensitize students to current issues and serve to broaden their perspectives.

Quiet retreats into the prayer hall, peaceful and enriching hours in the library, or coffee breaks at the canteen are an equally essential part of Campus Life at Indira. There's something happening every moment of the day and there's something for everyone- so campus life at Indira becomes a wonderfully unique individual experience for each students.

The Career Guidance Cell in school/College is entirely administered by the career guidance department of the College. It is dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality career development and employment programmes. These resources enhance the diverse student community to successfully meet the demands and challenges of a career.

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