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The Programme is designed to:

Provide a blend of professional and general education and to enable a student to become thorough professional who has self-confidence and is a responsible citizen.

Graduates of the programme are prepared for beginning level positions in nursing services and have the foundation for continuing professional career and aim or post-graduate study in nursing.

Through experienced faculty, guidance is provided to students with opportunities to develop:

Fundamental concepts and principles of nursing care based on sound knowledge and satisfactory level of skill in providing care to the community or institution.

Principles of application from the physical, biological, social and behavioral sciences for assessing health status.

Work collaboratively with allied disciplines towards attaining optimum healthcare in the society

Principles of teaching and their application in their work environment

Fundamental principles of administration and organization of nursing services. Understanding of human behavior to help, families and groups.

Appreciation of the various factors affecting the community social, health and welfare programme.

Ability and responsibility for continuing learning and to develop competence in nursing practice.

Professional attitudes necessary for leadership roles in nursing, and understand social and ethical obligations to society.

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